e. jauk alias 19 hertz is an artist living and working in graz, austria, who creates interactive sound & video performances based on patches coded in PD, an open- source multimedia programming language originally developed by Miller Puckette and now mainly hosted by the IEM. His music interacts, on the one hand, with itself, on the other hand, it interacts with the performer himself. The result is a metamorph flow of sound, in which every element influences each other just like in a chaos- theoretic model. Concerning stylistic aspects, his performances are very heterogenous: from experimental noisy soundscapes over abstract jazz to heavy jungle- shaped by a decent touch of darkness.
For listening examples, please click here.
e. jauk also hosts the monthly 'electronic sessions' @ N I L, is member of the group edit nylon as well as he is working on different other musical projects.

19hertz website