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KIMīs E5 - dutch package
KIMīs E5 - dutch package
Donnerstag, 03.10.2002, Uhr 22:00
forum stadtpark, graz

COOLHAVEN is a band with lucas simonis (dull schicksal, trespassers w) hajo doorn (dull schicksal, flatland kings) and peter fengler (shakespier, poolmongool, van koffeecocks) a mix of ultra-electronics (samplers, laptops, sequensersetc.) and basic-acoustics (jukelile, mouthpicking, farts) together with human voice. the show is a weird unorthodox performance-like presentation in which videoscreenings and live visuals take place. impossible to catch this fenomenen in things you already know.

S.SPIER is former shakespier. henk raven (ellen van kooten, beffuz) and peter fengler (menten, van koffeecocks, coolhaven) for this tour. they normale play with one more (m. teunissen; tenorsax and multieffects, from former bands as onan forte, van koffeecocks, menten), but for this tour performing as a trio. basclarinet, guitar, drums, vocals and electronics. all instruments are worked out with multiple effect- and loopingmachines. the songs are based on strict cut-up-compositions with short (un)-controled soundimprovisations. the music could be seen as miniatures of so called disqualified music, wich expresses itself in a sound, composed whitin a spectre from a "large bullocks bigband" to a fragmented thin air. a refreshing balance between intellectualism and sheer power.

LIANA FLU WINKS is lucas simonis (coolhaven, dull schicksal), nina ritz (daswirdas) and wulf (dog faced hermans, de kift) pure low-fi poppy music with organ, cello, guitar and drums. friendly weirdness which appears at first side harmless.

the whole package can be seen as a cultural package of music from holland of's a variety with a big line-up of instruments and it shows different approaches from this off-side musicscene. pure electronic fuck, but also difficult charming moments or acoustic disturbance.