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Freitag, 17.11.2006, Uhr 18:00
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

live (ab 20:30): ANDROMEDA (mx/it), EVERY KID ON SPEED w/ VJ MARJIA (mk), PYO. (fr), SASCHA NEUDECK w/ XX&XY VISUALS (a/it)

Filme und Videos ab 18:00


Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, wife of Perseus; a Galaxy; a science fiction television series; the name of a nice mexican spider that died years ago...and a lot of other things, but last and not least an impro-duo. Members: Angelica Castellň + Urkuma
Angélica Castelló:
geboren 1972 in Mexiko City. Mehrere Diplome, viele Städte, viel Musik....seit 1999 lebt sie in Wien, spielt kontinuierlich neue Musik in verschiedenen Genres, Mischungen und Formationen, organisiert die Konzertreihe "Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht" und unterrichtet. angelicacastello
is Stefano De Santis, born('72) in the south-east part of Italy.
He began his artistic career as a playwright, and later developed his unique musical approach to translate his theatre concepts into sound. The word Urkuma is specific to the FinisTerrae part of Italy and expresses a state of mind, that is possible to compare with the opposite to the Buddhist concept of nirvana. Urkuma did releases, performances and installations in Italy, Poland, USA, Austria, Swiss, Slovack Rep., Japan and has collaborated with a wide range of musicians.
Live, Urkuma is used to play anything within his reach, including small electronic devices, clarinet, TrumpLoo, home-built instruments and tapes.

Every Kid On Speed
every kid on speed is one of the monikers under which antonio dimitrov appears - sound artist, street artist, dj, designer? based in skopje, macedonia. when at home and not traveling he is doing various projects, but music obveiously being the main focus of his hectic lifestyle. at the moment officially studying philosophy but he has many other projects that keeps him bussy: from running his label acid fake recordings, the sublabel discofake and webzine fakezine, presenting his works and sound as dj and through live acts, organizing various dj and live events/exhibitions and setting up his own installations/design works, hosting radio programs dedicated to new music and radio art, doing design with the design division 'acid fake design'? he also works sound design under name sound_00 but every kid on speed seems more live active moniker with which produces glitch, minimal, cut up electronics. under these names he has released many full lengths, eps and has countless compilation and remix appearances on various labels around the world and has shared the stage with names like pita, andrey kiritchenko, massaccesi, urkuma, ran slavin, solar x, t.rumschmiere, jason forest, the bug, phon.o, modelesector, ellen alien, miss kittin? on festivals like club transmediale, progress festival, absurd festival, ctrl_alt_del sound-art festival, interpretation festival, tiny noise festival, radia lx 2006?

Is the solo project of Pierre PULISCIANO based in Marseille (France). His work is mainly centered on research and assembly of sound textures using bands, md, microphones and computer. Sound sources are directly generated by material and/or recorded situations.
His music is a sensitive exploration into electro-acoustic and microscopic sounds ; using phenomena suitable for technology to produce an abstract music exploiting various characters of analogical/numerical universe, PYo. gives us to listen to tensions and relaxations of sound masses in an electrified artificial atmosphere.
He also takes part and proposes various artistic projects with other artists in the field of the music, performance and multi-media with various collective and within the framework of festivals.

Sascha Neudeck
geboren/lebt/arbeitet in wien.
2003 initialzündung durch gewinn des "classic meets electronic"- contest von fm4 und volksoper-> liveauftritt in der volksoper
"kratzlauf" CD bei chmafu nocords: "The music is indeed of the electronic, abstract variety, but it is highly enjoyable, filled with
textures and dynamics. One minute where thrown into a calming, unclear harmony, and the next introduces a sudden barrage of noise, which brings us to a sudden dash of reality, much like the reality we live in - noisy and uncertain.(Alternative Zine)"
gründung von e_prom zusammen mit shaku shonen.
seit april 2004: liveautritte im rahmen des, 1x monatlich stattfindenden, gbmc (gameboymusicclub) im "rhiz".
april 2005 "schattenwind" CD bei chmafu nocords.

xx+xy visuals
xx+xy visuals are giuseppe pradella and sladzana bogeska. based in rome, italy. male and female project.
Our research is fully experimental which puts the contemporary art concept as as peculiar base through which we create our digital compositions.
Collaborate with dj Lo-Fi Missing-LoPhophora Williams label through 2005; produce together Minimal Glam project.
Active as video artist since 2003. partecipate to different multimedia projects mostly in Rome, Italy.
Visuals event at CS Rialtosantambrogio, Blue-room project, Condominio video art project, Ex2 and Ex multimedia project.
Video exibit at XXII Biennale of Young Mediterrenean and European Artist, Napoli, Italy; Goethe Institut, Istanbul, Nomad Project; Networking, Stazione Leopolda, Firenze and Prato, Italy;Contemporary Art Cantiere Remo Salvadori; Accademy of Fine Arts, Florence, Tocka Cultural center, Macedonia, etc. or