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DESIGN BY ma-riot

Sonntag, 19.11.2006, Uhr 18:00
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

live (ab 20:30): DAWID SZCZESNY (pl), SEB... (pe), STAPLERFAHRER (nl)

Filme und Videos ab 18:00

dj: TBA
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Dawid Szczesny
sound artist located in Wroclaw, Poland. His works are mostly based on samples from old records, tapes and field recordings.
Co-owner of See You Soon Records, co-operating with Rockers Publishing. (
Currently collaborates with: Sofie Loizou (AUS), Ignaz Schick (GER)
Nicht umsonst handelt es sich bei See You Soon Records um eine Kooperation mit Superlinear/Mille Plateaux: DAWID SZCZESNY ediert auf »Unheard Treats« ätherische und doch gebrochen-fragil anmutende Sounds. Eingangs etwa überlagern simpel mäandernde dekonstruiert-verzerrtr Keyboardmelodien, um die herum leichte Knarzgeräusche und ein Sirren schweben. Irgendwie stellt sich Szczesny als moderner Satie heraus, der pianistische Melodiefragmente zart zerhäckselt. Die zurzeit wunderschönste Musik des Planeten atmet, duftet, schafft traumverloren Atmosphäre. In the mood for relaxing at a highest level! Und nach einem Besuch in Wroclaw/Breslau, wo Szczesny lebt, hab ich noch die »Snow Beetroot/stapes I?III«-EP ( aus 2005 erhalten: Die Mini-CD entfaltet über 21 Minuten wiederum chilliges Flirren und auf dem Opener macht eine von Dawid Bargenda gespielte Akustikgitarre auf Schwermut. Daseinsverlorenenheit rules. Absolute Sonntagsmusik! (Review: Alfred Pranzl)

Spirit elevating brains makes music that hijacks into memory, digital nostalgia, pins&needles for the cerebrum.
Microscopic sounds come together like intricate metal sculptures, surgeons tools, watchmaters gadgets, all joining together in unlikely organic assemblages that leap and flap around the room.
Seb...'s music fights the exactness of the moment.....sounds that feel like they are coming alive just as they leave the speaker...with a back-brain yearning emotion of nostalgia. The listener feels a heightened awareness, with the sounds covering the whole spectrum of time in one's brain, always keeping you wide awake and in the moment, but at the same time toying with your memories, bringing up emotional histories to overlay onto the precise instant in time of which you are listening to the song.
SEB...'s songs are a dichotomy of instantaneousness nowness and daydreaming playbacks of past emotional memories. His songs are like bizarre microscopically intricate clockwork animals that carry your memories in them. Born in your brain the second you play the music....they did not exist a moment before....your listening was the first birth of these amazing sounds.

"staplerfahrer is a Dutch sound artist playing around with crunched and broken sounds, circuit bended gadgetry and electro-magnetic waves. Some 10+ years ago, he became interested in "musical noises" while circuitbending his own audio equipment. The surprises he encountered by doing so, was his introduction into the world of bleep, click and crackle. From then on, his fascination for electronic sounds grew stronger, as did the need to process these sounds and apply them into a musical format."