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DESIGN BY ma-riot

Mittwoch, 09.04.2008, Uhr 20:30
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

eintritt frei!!!
den ganzen abend: alle cocktails um 4,-


Miss Massive Snowflake is Shane de Leon, who has been extremely active in a multitude of media throughout America and Europe for over 15 years. For 10 years he was a member of Portland, OR musical experimenters, Rollerball. He has recorded with Amsterdam based musician, Solex; Italian artists Jacopo Andreini, OVO, Ronin, and von Neumann, as well as the US bands, 31 Knots, Six Foot Sloth, Narwhal vs. Narwhal, and the Art of Flying. de Leon regularly exhibits artwork in Portland,OR, San Diego, CA, and Milan, Italy. He has published 9 comics under the title Starbage Can and has had his art featured in Top Shelf Comics, Hypno Magazine, and Genetic Disorder. His letterpress printing skills and visual artwork can be seen on the covers of musical artists like Bill Horist, Alan Sparhawk, Loren Mazzacane Conners, Jackie-o Motherfucker, Granfaloon Bus, Art of Flying, Larry Yes, and many more underground sensations.