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Mittwoch, 16.04.2008, Uhr 20:30
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

eintritt frei!!!
den ganzen abend: alle cocktails um 4,-


SKM Banda (Beltinci, SLO)
The beginning of SKM banda goes back into the year 2000 when the original band members met for the first time in a garage in a small town called Beltinci. After few concerts and changes of some band members the quartet has finally become consistent. They named them selves after a local hero from the 2nd World War, Stefan Kovac-Marko.
SKM banda did some research in the past years: looking for themselves, their sound and general image. The process has been comleted successfully. The instrumental fusion of rock, jazz, funk, noise and post-rock-based hardcore - made by two guitars and rhythm-section - enables the listener to discover the undiscovered. The music sounds like a journey from the mystic Mura River, over the fields of Prekmurje region and ends in an overdriven ecstasy. From melancholy to funky rhytms and furhermore explosive pieces ? the quartet has it all. Main characteristics of the band are comlex compositions and most of all enourmous groove and power on stage.
The first CD, published by God Bless This Mess records in 2005, is named Patentat and was a great success in the Slovenian alternative scene. It was listed top ten of alternative albums in 2005 by Radio Student. The year 2007 has been in colours of Balkan: two tours "de Balkan" happened in April and October and in May the SKM`s visited Belgrade, where an interesting concert with Marko Brecelj took place. After that the band played some festivals, like Festival Lent in Maribor.
SKM banda is planning a release of their second album in beginning of 2008. Stay tuned!

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Kweefpossum (Murska Sobota, SLO)
Is a two piece from the Prekmurje region in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, whose main characteristics are the simplicity of its music and the raw, uncompromising performance of their songs. In existence since 2005, band members Janis, former member of the short lived but popular band Manul, and Ivor, ex-member of Odpisani and now lone active member of Plüg, show that you do not need much to make a hell lot of noise and have fun making it.
Until now they have put out a three song demo, but recordings for the first album at god bless this mess are in work.
Gregor Purgar, who is accompanying them on their first tour, is a street artist of the new kind, neither does he deny the roots of graffiti and its recognizable aesthetics nor does he depend on them for his personal artistic expression.

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