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DESIGN BY ma-riot

Mittwoch, 14.05.2008, Uhr 20:30
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

eintritt frei!!!
den ganzen abend: alle cocktails um 4,-

Full of punk attitude bass/drum/voice duo, heavy-funk riffs, noise, roots to search in bands like Ruins and Lightning Bolt and back in the years in '70s sick prog-psychedelia of bands like Guru Guru, Amon Duul, Ash ra temple. They mix noise, math rock, psychedelia and funk in high volume, ass shaking, headbanging live! Had toured the whole Europe several time.
They released 3 albums on fooltribe, interstellar records nad troglosound.
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The work of Claudio Rocchetti is a deep plunge into thick sound, investigating its innermost workings. Using a variety of devices such as turntables, audio cassettes, samplers, radios, and microphones, often incorporating other objects and traditional instruments, Berlin-based Rocchetti builds compelling structures that employ sound as sheer matter, mass, and impact. The tarry, mesmerizing hues that characterize his ?music objects? are grounded in layers of sound detritus.
From techno rhythms to slow melodies, edgy constructions to samples of choirs and strings, Rocchetti builds layered structures of elusive elements whose sources are often hidden, and enacts a mirror play which may cause dizziness.
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