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Mittwoch, 21.05.2008, Uhr 20:30
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

eintritt frei!!!
den ganzen abend: alle cocktails um 4,-

STONEBRIDE is a band from Zagreb Croatia that seek it's own music philosophy and meaning of life through endless fields of blues driven, sludge amped, psychedelic and (stoner) rock music . Band recorded and self-released mini EP called SMILE & SHINE in September 2006. The legendary engine-ear and producer, mr. Billy Anderson who has worked with some of the greatest bands such as NEUROSIS, THE MELVINS, SLEEP, EYEHATEGOD, FANTOMAS, HIGH ON FIRE, OM, BOTTOM, CAVITY, BONGZILLA, ACID KING, LOS NATAS, SUMA etc., took care of mixing and mastering bands' new albuml! It is titled INNER SEASONS and it shows the bands' intension to progress and to evolve even more. 5 songs in a 40 minutes length are reflecting where Stonebride is heading.
Promoting the first material band played shows across the homeland and Europe. The higlight of the band was supporting the mighty SUMA(se) and ULTRAPHALLUS(be) which took place in Zagreb. From the first gig, the band is constantly getting good critics through out the media, Internet and fanzines. The band went on it's first European tour in September and played gigs in Belgium, Nederland and Germany. They shared the stage with RAMON ZARATE(be), FLU.ID(de), american band GET HUSTLE and with italian band ZIPPO.