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Mittwoch, 13.05.2009, Uhr 20:30
postgarage, dreihackengasse 42, 8020 graz

eintritt frei!!!
den ganzen abend: alle cocktails um 4,-


GRAVIDA - a trio involving three of the most interesting and active musicians in the international improv music scene. What they have in common is a restless research in electronic music and in trasfiguring sounds coming from acoustic instruments into sometimes ethereal and sometimes massive analogic ripples and layers plowed by melodies, words, feelings, songs, anxieties and digressions.
Patrizia Oliva and IOIOI are two of the most active italian experimental musicians. During their individual careers they have been playing all over the world (Switzerland, Cina, U.S.A., U.K., Scotland, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia). Now they are spreading around the mature effects of this musical research whose roots reach into the grounds of rock, punk and soul and they are managing to make the concrete music and free improv experiences their own and undoubtedly to find their own place in a boundless unstopping modernity. They are now collaborating for this new project with MaryClare Brztywa from the Ambiance Magnètique label, a flute and piano player who blends electronic music with acoustic music in a very personal way. This collaboration shows once more how their musical language is open to every kind of content and constantly evolving.