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13-03-2024 | Postgarage

Harrowist // Grimms Eye // Tired.


  • Mittwoch, 13.03.2024
  • Postgarage, 2nd Floor
  • Tickets: 12€ VVK / 15€ AK
  • Ticketreservierung unter: tickets@kim-pop.org


  • Einlass – 20:00
  • Konzerte – 20:30
  • DJing


Harrowist represents music from Graz. Heavy and uncompromising, demonstrated by the lead singer’s voice right at the outset, complemented by catchy guitar riffs, a pounding bass and drums with innovative snare and cymbal action. Blackened Hardcore Punk from Graz brought to life by four guys who share a passion for heavy music and look at the deeds of our own species in anger and blankness.

Foto: (c) Michael Fasching

Grimms Eye

The Vienna based 3 piece Band Grimms Eye is known for their aggressive mix of hardcore punk, sludge and doom metal riffage.

Erfahre als Erster von neuen Konzerten!