Marufura Fufunjiru

...macht musik fuer ohren. Nicht der komponist oder der musiker machen die musik, sondern die ohren. Musik ist was man hoeren kann.

Glitch, Microsound, Noise... ziemlich abstrakte musik. Die erforschung der schoenheit von laerm, geraeusch und klang. In den meisten seiner werke erforscht maru soziale strukturen indem er klang als repraesentation des menschen versteht. Er versucht nicht den klang zu kontrollieren (wie es musiker und diktatoren tun) sondern ihm freiraum zur entwicklung und zum wachstum zu geben. Experimentelle anarchie!!



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- Get ready for total eclipse of your mind.

- Marufura Fufunjiru is based in Graz, Austria, but he actually was born on planet Venus. In his newest work, Patience, this artist presents what on his planet is called poetry. In 72 minutes one can hear a traditional Venusian soiree of 17 pieces that are typical sonnets, ballads, songs, hymns, odes and elegias from one of the brightest planets of our solar system. On some of them, like for example on the track It Loud there are even sampled human voices that are obtained from radio and films.

If the sound of the Venusian language is unintelligible to you, the album may sound like a refined mixture of post-industrial, concrete, electroacoustic and ambient music. But the Venusian metrics are much more complex than simple sound drawings and sculptures that would be meaningful to the human ear. On Patience, each verse is measured in degrees of uncertainty so that each poem is a combination and an arrangement of random alphanumeric variables. This results in uncountable phrases in Venusian language and to us, humans, chromo-textural noises that satisfy the desirous ears by the best avant-garde music.

- Fufunjiru's strength lies in his taste and in the care for every single sound particle - there's a lot of discipline behind these free-flowing sonic clusters. I can't compare it to anyone in particular, but an artist who has experimented with a similar drones+glitches sound is Cordell Klier; but you can also think of a mix of performers as diverse as Lull, Asmus Tietchens, Akira Rabelais and Mika Vainio (circa 'Onko'). A truly enjoyable release, with a definite emotional impact: glass is fragile, but it can cut deep.

marufura fufunjiru

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